Phoebe Kiddo
Artefacts of Broken Dreams

Label: Non Projects
Release Date: Sep-24-2013

Recorded during a period of constant motion (from Melbourne to San Francisco, Madrid, at RBMA, Los Angeles, and finally Berlin), Phoebe Kiddo's "Artefacts of Broken Dreams" finds a striking balance between movement and stasis. An album written across borrowed studios, by whatever means were at hand, "Artefacts" is an extremely visceral annotation of the psyche shattering, heart breaks and breath taking experiences brought on by her travels. Employing synthesizers and drum machines to capture the inherent isolation of Phoebe's inner world and continually changing outer world, "Artefacts" hits from all levels. From the brutal meditation on minimalism of "Initiation," to the deep symmetry and sonic pools of "Into Solitude" and the confident dancefloor stride of "When the Soul Lies Down." The songs herein act as aural postcards of an artist both consciously and unconsciously in flux, tracing her every move in sound.

1. Jupiter Jazz
2. This Is How I Would Die
3. Chasing Dreams
4. Initiation
5. Into Solitude
6. When the Soul Lies Down
7. In All This Grace
8. I Tell You I'm Leaving
9. HalfHearts Must Be Forsaken
10. Inevitable Diaspora of Clouds

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