The Water's Way

Label: Friends of Friends
Release Date: Sep-24-2013

Distance between friends, family and loved-ones; images viewed through the lens of an old camera; the sound of a bargain bin record bought in some far-flung corner of our ever-shrinking globe. These are Kyson's inspirations, his motivation, and the filter through which his music should be heard.
Experimenting with analog synthesizers and obscure percussion instruments helped Kyson create the melancholic atmosphere of The Waters Way," the title of his new LP and first with Friends of Friends Music - a reflection of his time living in the long and harsh European winter.

1. We've Been Inside for Too Long
2. Missing Things
3. No Such Thing As Me
4. She Said to Me Quietly
5. Ran Away
6. How Long
7. Moments in the Background
8. My Mother's Eyes
9. Ceremonies
10. Shadows Cross
11. Sunnyvale
12. Gazes
13. I've Got You

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