Label: Fuselab
Release Date: Sep-10-2013

Smithers, a new Long Player from our old friend Sergeyaka Galunenko aka Galun, a Moscow-based advanced beatbox maniac. Sergey is also known as "Scale" and is currently the vocalist of Sofeet.

As usual, and in regards to his productions, Sergey remains pure, as he made this LP relying solely on his voice, though heavily processed through various hardware and software devices. You'll find almost every style of modern electronic music on Smithers which include, but not limited to: beats, house, break-beats, semi-juke tunes, and ambient. Such a kaleidoscope from Galun's own point of view.

1. Catch
2. Meskalinn
3. He Flies
4. Cold In The World
5. We All Get Chains
6. Elephant (LP Version)
7. I Know
8. Forms
9. Nobody
10. It's True
11. Plod
12. Angel

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