Natasha Kmeto
Deeply Fhloston Paradigm Remixes - Single

Label: Dropping Gems
Release Date: Aug-06-2013

Songwriter, producer, and vocalist Natasha Kmeto synthesizes downtempo electronica, dance-pop, and contemporary R&B with alluring and emotive material that appeals to bedroom and dancefloor listening. A versatile singer, she could front a jazz trio and make freestyle records with equal ease. The song originally appearing on KmetoÕs remarkable full length debut, Crisis, is a breathy track punctuated by hi-hats. The "Fhloston Paradigm Dance" mix focuses on the originalÕs vocals and shading and adds a propulsive bassline, while the "Journey" mix is even more spaced-out and ambient; both clock in at about nine minutes.

1. Deeply (Fhloston Paradigm Dance Mix)
2. Deeply (Fhloston Paradigm Journey Mix)

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