Spies On Bikes
Man Overboard

Label: Relief in Abstract
Release Date: Aug-24-2012

A childhood memory of imaginary war games and neighborhood kids on patrol sets the nostalgic atmosphere of Tampa, FL's singer/songwriter Nathan Cochran, better known as Spies On Bikes. Nathan's natural take on electronic music starts with experimental recordings that evoke personal memories, good and bad. These sounds build walls of dreamy spaces extricated from environments of the past, striping away haze and leaving songs that glisten with varied inspiration. The result is an organic yet dynamic combination, melding synths with the stark simplicity of an acoustic guitar. Sifting through the sounds of ambiance and glittering intensity, Spies On Bikes envisions sound that bring both amiability and seclusion to the forefront.

1. Leaving
2. Home
3. Long Walks and Recorded
4. Wild Behavior
5. Catahoula
6. Love Like Hours
7. Back Spasms
8. Warm
9. Sun Showers
10. Deep Search
11. Shore Leave

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