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Label: Relief in Abstract
Release Date: Jul-22-2012

Marble, the otherworldly persona of Orlando-based musician Alex Dewahl, plays between the concepts of luxurious style and nostalgia. Past the talents of what's expected of a traditional electronic composer, his use of frets and keys are the foundation that feed his creativity. Marble further blurs the lines between musician, producer, and beat maker with a veneer of sensitivity. Doses of glitch and unconventional sounds that embrace their surroundings are evident. But what hides in a layer of smoke are Alex's vocals as they appear into subject, giving more than a tinge of personality to his evocative compositions. Marble distinguishes himself by using theatrics of familiarity in an unorthodox landscape. His crisp waves are fortified by the passion you hear in the swelling vocals and by the shimmer you feel in its simpler moments. The electronics of the sonically divine are offered by more than a wealth of acoustic vocabulary.

1. Intro
2. Bleach
3. Labels (Groups Remix)
5. I Feel (feat. Alex Clements)
6. David
7. L.L.
8. Rough
9. Nude

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