Fortune Howl
Spectrum Analysis

Label: Relief In Abstract
Release Date: Feb-07-2012

Carving a niche in the sounds of his forward-thinking influences in Orlando, Bryce Linde assumes the pseudonym of Fortune Howl to channel what's unexpected and more of his own creation. His soundscapes fill the environment from ear-to-ear and eye-to-eye in an eccentric and intriguing fashion. Evocative textures of aberrant sounds and abstract rhythms create the atmosphere of an unforeseen world. Reflecting feelings of anxiety, tension, and failed progress, Fortune Howl makes music in the pursuit of relief. Psychedelic in its hue, using everything from chimes & chains, thematic sound clatters and dissipates, and a journey unfolds. Docile melodies and spastic percussion reveal a sense of timing, building toward the moment when the horizon comes into view. In frantic peril, his treatments back up then fill the room with light. No matter how its filtered, Fortune Howl is on the cusp of tomorrow.

1. Falling Up
2. Moonspots
3. Flowering
4. Fess Up
5. Standing Over Me
6. Spectrum Analysis
7. Smoke Rings
8. Backslap
9. Orbs
10. Arizona Baptism
11. For You
12. Conveyor Dreams
13. Gleam
14. History
15. Afterglow
16. Indian Ink
17. Paradigm Flip

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