Label: Relief in Abstract
Release Date: Mar-27-2012

XXYYXX is the electronic project of Orlando, FL's Marcel Everett. Starting purely out of experimentation, Marcel's taste for electronic music has evolved from the low-fidelity of vintage sounds to crisp and clean scenes of serenity. Improvisational jazz and abstract hip-hop serve as worthy emblems of inspiration. His productions take steps across a unique spectrum of bass-heavy sounds with experience in minimalist ambiance Provoking a myriad of images, the music is meditative and emotive. R&B rhythms and soulful melodies are staples that propel the music forward, creating open environments that feed into moments of movement. Marcel makes BPM's oscillate and breathe, coalescing an experiment of the last 20 years of R&B and electronic music. Between claps, snaps, and claves, broad notes of low end bass balance the way his percussion pulls you in various directions. His overt productions invoke a sense of luxury, being anything but vulnerable.

1. About You
2. Good Enough
3. Fields
4. Set It Off
5. Alone
6. DMT
7. Breeze
8. Closer
9. Forest Fires
10. Never Leave
11. Witching Hour
12. Love Isn't Made (feat. Steffaloo)
13. TIED2U

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