Taurus Scott
Taurus Scott

Label: Hellfyre Club
Release Date: Apr-23-2013

Gritty, raw, and earth-shattering are words that come to mind with a first listen to Taurus Scott's debut self-titled album. Aggressive beats that make you want to bob your head, stomp your feet, and maybe even rap if you know how. However with every subsequent immersion, an undertone of fluidity and complexity makes itself present, to the point where you're not only bobbing your head to the heavy Maschine slaps, but also rocking to the rich tonal atmosphere Taurus delivers on every track. Real, raw, LA, Taurus Scott brings us back to the concrete jungle ways of beat scene, proving that it's not all lost.

1. Progressive Rock
2. All Get Down
3. Ride for the West
4. iLL-Lighted
5. You Don't Know Shit
6. Check Check
7. Beat On the Drum
8. Serious Dub
9. DubMachine
10. Tax Man (feat. Nocando and D-Styles)
11. Forbidden Fruit
12. Let It Play
13. Mad Decent
14. Smoke Good

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