DJ Clap
Best Night Ever

Label: Magical Properties
Release Date: Mar-26-2013

A Futurestep electronic music artist who specializes in creating provocative music fit for the avante garde. Many of his tracks are comprised of fast moving rhythms, lush melodies and layered textures. Primarily dedicated to making Bass music and taking inspiration from Footwork and Juke, he produces an invigorating sound fit for the curious ear which invokes nostalgia and extreme waves of hypnotism. He does this all while making music that is approachable yet distant from the mainstream.

1. Friends
2. Color
3. You Melt Me
4. Something Very Wonderous
5. Come On
6. Sparkling
7. Unbelievable
8. Smile (part 1)
9. Flash (part 2)
10. Secret
11. Don't Tell

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