Label: Friends of Friends
Release Date: Apr-16-2013

I mostly listened to cassettes until I was around 14 because my brother and I just never put a CD player in our shitty old car, says Nathan Broaddus, the 22 year old Harlem by way of Palmrya, Virginia producer known as Evenings. The newest signing to the Friends of Friends squad, Evenings' first release on the label is Yore, a remastered LP consisting of songs previously included on his North Dorm EP and Lately LP.

After developing his aesthetic through a steady intake of analog equipment, old cassette tapes, and reel-to-reel machines dug up at yard sales and thrift stores, Broaddus emerged from the vein of second-hand lo-fi haze to produce crisp, crystalline hi-fidelity art that encourages introspection and zen-like meditation.

It's music for the morning after the after party to save your soul; drawing inspiration from a wide musical spectrum that spans from Minimalism and Psychedelic, to the Ambient, peripheral electronic explorations of Boards of Canada, and Brian Eno.

1. Jaeune Reflection
2. Friend [Lover]
3. Favorite Maze
4. Ager [Mind Reel]
5. Lo-velo
6. Softly We Go
7. Babe
8. Chesapeake
9. Lately
10. Goodbye Forever
11. Friend (Munno Remix)
12. Babe (Shigeto Remix)
13. Still Young
14. Saone

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