Odd Furniture - EP

Label: Friends of Friends
Release Date: Feb-12-2013

Producer, DJ and Frite Nite record label chef, Paul Salva, continues spreading his sonic web across various corners of modern club music. His newest EP, entrancingly titled "Odd Furniture", will definitely find a special place in the hearts of many dedicated body movers. With a title that finely matches the sound palette that it exhibits, "Odd Furniture" leaves an impression of entering your old familiar room and discovering that it has been rearranged while you were out... in a good and tasteful way. 90s style vocal samples, melodies that occasionally sound like they were produced by a toy you had when you were a kid, classic synth chops - all layered with heavy bass and eclectic grooves ranging from the dance floor's favorite 4/4 beats to neck-bending hip hop. Conclusively, "Odd Furniture" is a highly energetic release, so just turn up the volume and you will notice that your body will refuse to stay still.

1. Get A Life
2. Drop That B
3. Hard Drive
4. Rest In 3-Piece
5. BBQ

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