Gene the Southern Child & Parallel Thought
A Ride With the Southern Child

Label: Parallel Thought LTD.
Release Date: Oct-23-2012

A Ride With the Southern Child marks Gene's first entirely original work. Teaming up with Parallel Thought for production, whose own member Caness hails from the neighboring music town of Muscle Shoals AKA "the hit recording capital of the world," Gene the Southern Child may have traveled a road full of detours, but he never fails to steer his own course. Now, as the images of his past recede in the rear view, Gene accelerates towards a bright future as one of the Alabama's most promising young artists. Fasten your seat belts as the Southern Child takes you on a ride through the streets of the Deep South with his provocative authenticity and silky-smooth style.

1. Viewer Discretion Advised
2. Punch It To The Flo'
3. The Police Pulled Me Over
4. Snitches
5. This Ain't Living
6. Big Ball Cheese (feat. Big Flint)
7. A Ride With the Southern Child
8. Rap Language
9. Lane Switchin'
10. Come Go With Me
11. Viewer Discretion Advised Instrumental
12. Punch It To The Flo' Instrumental
13. The Police Pulled Me Over Instrumental
14. Snitches Instrumental
15. This Ain't Living Instrumental
16. Big Ball Cheese Instrumental
17. Ride With the Southern Child Instrumental
18. Rap Language Instrumental
19. Lane Switchin' Instrumental
20. Come Go With Me Instrumental

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