Parallel Thought

Label: Parallel Thought LTD.
Release Date: Oct-23-2012

Parallel Thought's Articulation provides the listener with an excellent representation of classic emcee hip-hop artistry. This album conveys the production and lyrics synonymous to the music produced in the late 1990s and early 2000s. In terms of production it is true to the roots of hip-hop with the use of heavy soul samples to invoke a feeling of reminiscence and nostalgia to a time relevant to this artist. A smooth selection of samples drive the beat - the break beats are aggressive in style yet move the beat along from point A to point B to convey his thought provoking messages. Articulation has a funk influences and boom bap style that pays homage hip-hop of the late 1990s, early 2000s music.

Moreover, these aspects of production compliment the lyrical content of this album. Caness' lyrics are neither superficial nor boastful as in contemporary rap music. His messages are truthful to himself while still demonstrating a signature and playful style in his lyrics. Likewise, Emcee Caness does not fail to be blunt and straightforward in his message meanwhile he is precise and focused in his delivery.

All of these components allow the listener an experience that is easy to follow. This distinguishes Parallel Thought and allows them to be relevant in today's culture while bringing nostalgia of a better time in hip-hop. Because of the overall production and lyrics, Articulation takes the listener through an experience of highs and lows due to a cohesive album that is aggressive and emotional while easy on the ears.

1. Articulation (feat. G-Mane)
2. Mad Ill
3. Discussion Involved (feat. Gene the Southern Child)
4. The Panel
5. Intangibulls
6. In the House
7. It's Over (feat. Loer Velocity)
8. Articulation Instrumental
9. Mad Ill Instrumental
10. Discussion Involved Instrumental
11. Intangibulls Instrumental
12. In the House Instrumental
13. It's Over Instrumental

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