Label: Leaving Records
Release Date: Nov-06-2012

Knx. (born-name Glen Boothe, aka Knxwledge, the bandcamp king of the beat-scene) is making our favorite hip-hop instrumentals. Raised in central New Jersey, blossomed further in Philadelphia, and now located in Los Angeles, Leaving Records is beyond stoked to release Glen's first cassette. Eleven one-minute soul-slappin' beats, five minutes per side, original throwback photo cover. Buttrskotch is something we're proud to deem a true beat-tape.

1. todaitsyew
2. WunDai
3. wintrshun
4. toffbroshn
5. rant'n
6. makemoney
7. ovrstood
8. thedaysbefore
9. asH¼KÆ
10. jÆM.FR¼ZE
11. feelin

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