MO!NO Love

Label: Fuselab
Release Date: Nov-30-2012

A debut musical work of southern Russia Sochi-based graphical artist Igor Fedoseev, who’s throwing a release under his new alias Yayati. MO!NO Love - soft lyrical pressure, southern seaside cozy atmosphere and lo-fi approach spreads a portion of smoothness and touchy heart vibe all over the place you let this tunes in. Semi-house grooves, vintage styled synths, dreamy piano cuts and simple drum patterns - this is the sound of Yayati.

Igor is already known to our auditory by his mixed-media collages and works of art; this time he displays his artistic vision to the world in audio, and as we can see it is similar both in technical ways and feeling to his graphic side. MO!NO Love is a simple beauty!

Cover art as well made by Igor Fedoseev himself.

1. De Bons Moments
2. JHD
3. O Ty You See
4. Long Kiss
5. VIO
6. Owarp
7. Je Sais Que Vous
8. Avion

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