Ras G
El-Aylien Part II: C.razy A.lien

Label: Leaving Records
Release Date: Sep-11-2012

Ras G's El-Aylien Part II: C.razy A.lien is the second part of 2010's El-Aylien. In it we find the Los Angeles-based producer channeling twisted, next-level transmissions from a galaxy far, far away and splicing them together to form a collage of textured rhythms and warped soundscapes. The album is a 7-track expedition through Ras G's inimitable headspace, where tracks like "Dogstar Sirius" and "Broken Cartridge!" demonstrate his ability to shape strange sounds into stimulating beats. Detached, almost prophetic, voices guide the listener through psychedelic spaceship control room clatter and wobbly bass grooves on this short and sweet head-trip. "Sike Ya Life" is El-Aylien Part II's most down-to-earth moment, displaying the artist's connection to classic sounds and his affinity for stitching together the familiar and the far-out to create something uniquely Ras G. El-Aylien Part II: C.razy A.lien is a rare release that is able to induce both mind-bending confusion and head-nodding bliss - listen to it while star-gazing; blast it while rolling through your neighborhood. It is odd. It is wondrous.

1. Intro
2. Broken Cartridge!
3. Dogstar Sirius
4. Unfolding
5. Plates and Forks (The PAF)
6. Sike Ya Life
7. Green Curry

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