The Fifth Finger - EP

Label: Proximal Records
Release Date: Aug-21-2012

From Wake:

"The Fifth Finger is my try at 'gangster' beats, created with the intention of 'not giving a fuck.' The tracks on The Fifth Finger are a marriage of early 2000s glitch-hop, 80s dance music, music from the underground MOD community, and oddball electro-pop. Made from samples of analog gear and sequenced in MOD trackers, they are purely electronic tunes- sequenced, mixed, and edited 'in the box.' They hope to be off kilter, goofy, glitchy, hard beats with a punk intention. Square-Wave music to rock your speakers."

1. ButtaBump (EP Mix)
2. Sunday at Gunpoint
3. Screw
4. Violently
5. Squarefunk

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