youstandit / leftrecord

Label: Leaving Records
Release Date: Jul-24-2012

Dak's newest album youstandit / leftrecord is an enigmatic 22-track release that pulls apart the mechanisms of sound, fusing them back together with a psychedelic jazz influence. The experimental producer layers his ominous fluctuations with a reflective overcast, a progression the listener can consciously follow. Tracks like "Nome" fall under a sphere of lofty uncertainty but initiate feelings of claustrophobia, which are tunneled through "They Don't Sing Like That". The progression pulls the listener forward with an acceleration of animal-like intensity. As the album nears its close, dak transcends to downtempo, capturing the dormant yet surpassing elements of mystery through "Drowse Drive". The lasting impressions dak leaves on the listener is a sense of unfurled anticipation and elevated discovery, visualized through "Numbymouth". By the end of youstandit / leftrecord , the listener is able to absorb the story within the album.

1. Youstandit
2. Engine
3. Hounds
4. Nome
5. Blankout
6. Wagwawowo
7. Summit at the Orange Tree
8. Rosa Parks
9. They Don't Sing Like That
10. 500
11. Fownd
12. Smallset
13. Diamond Cult for Electric Slide
14. Drowse Drive
15. Count
16. Numby Mouth
17. You Can Call It Beached Whales
18. T'ssmolnagst
19. Thanks for Flowa
20. Elseisn't
21. Iswhatwas
22. (-;_;-)

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