Brogan Bentley
Brogan Bentley EP

Label: Leaving Records
Release Date: Jul-10-2012

New Leaving Records artist Brogan Bentley debuts his self-titled EP, a brief collection of sounds and melodies truly made for the nocturnal. Maintaining a solidly hypnotic main rhythm, the beginning track, "Ask Me When I'm Night", is a collage of enigmatic vocals and delicate percussion, making it ideal for a midsummer night drive throughout the city. The centerpiece, "Irish Sky", knocks the listener out with its warping waves of synths which guide its race against time alongside it's hard claps and eerie vocals chops. The EP concludes with the emotionally constructed, "With Him", a reflective journey that grips with it's low-charged bassline and gliding textures, all while conveying the feeling of fright. With soothing synths, unconventional percussion, and subtle vocal samples, the Brogan Bentley EP is a mosaic of influences that appropriately align just right for the nighttime.

1. Ask When I'm Night
2. Irish Sky
3. With Him

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