Nasty Ways
Cyber Snake / Skrakken - Single

Label: Glass Air
Release Date: Aug-07-2012

Influential West Coast beat master Eprom and heavyweight producer Boreta of the Glitch Mob come together as Nasty Ways to present "Cyber Snake / Skrakken", a two-track release that slithers through the sonic expanse on a slow-ripping shockwave.

With a laid-back roll that saunters into a heavy hook, "Cyber Snake" sizzles around the edges with a sharp combination of tightly drawn synths, smoky effects and a bulbous bassline. Bristling with electricity and a slightly higher tempo, "Skrakken" spreads out into shiny slices of sound, a metallic tune with an undercurrent of a choreographed robot invasion.

Taken together as a dose of fresh sonic stimulation, the two tracks of "Cyber Snake / Skrakken" showcase Nasty Ways' finesse with bass-lit production, delivering chopped audio hash and an easygoing slide off the edge.

1. Cyber Snake
2. Skrakken

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