Bun/Fumitake Tamura

Label: Tamura
Release Date: Jun-12-2012

Thanks to his time studying classical and contemporary classical music composition at Tokyo University of Art, Fumitake Tamura, better known as "Bun", allows his roots to shine through in this beautifully sensualistic album, Bird.

The opening track, "Stork", sends you on a dreamy whirlwind, cleverly contrasted by disparate dynamics, while the final track, "Peafowl", closes this vagrant album with mechanical pulses that sends your heartbeat echoing, yearning for more. Whether it's a family of starlings busy at work or a confused pheasant going through an emotional roller coaster, you will continue to discover the mental paintings that overflow throughout this release.

Bun's artistic approach delivers a record that is perfectly blended with hints of jazzy drum snares, unconventional piano melodies, and hip hop influenced bass. Texturally layered with boisterous wildlife elements, Bird brings to life the mystical rainforest that is deeply hidden inside us all.

1. Stork
2. Quail
3. Kite
4. Parrot
5. Pheasant
6. Tit
7. Cuckoo
8. Starling
9. Bunting
10. Pitermigan
11. Bulbul
12. Canary
13. Albatross
14. Lapwing
15. Peafowl

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