Golden Days

Label: Leaving Records
Release Date: Apr-22-2013

Baltimorian Alex Deranian (Ferrari Jackson, member of the RUN DMT FAMILY BAND, Wigflip posse, Culture Dealer posse) releases his debut full-length as Semya. Effortless hues, splashes of synths, tapeflute, and the mystery reflecting golden days of past present and future.

1. Panda Snacks
2. Healing
3. Potions
4. Mystics
5. Butterfly in the Sky
6. Fox Tail-Poison Toad
7. Helping Hands Cacti
8. Glisten
9. Golden Life Fluid
10. Spectral Growth Reel
11. Temporary Portal
12. Mysty Garden
13. Peace Beams
14. Loosin Up
15. Silene Capensis
16. Earthworm

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