Label: Alpha Pup Records
Release Date: Jul-10-2012

New Alpha Pup artist Ages presents his first full-length album Bryan, a spacious work of ambient textures created with a cinematic sensibility. Peaceful and hushed, Bryan envelops the listener in a wash of silken sounds. Lingering loops tangle with hypnotic echoes, while the strums of an acoustic guitar trip lightly over the surface.

Lead single "Lisa" leans into glassy new horizons with a mesmerizing loop, while "Esplanade (feat. MNDSGN)" features a quirky charm that lures you in quickly to a underwater dream. "You're On Your Own Again" offers sounds like hot stones, using just enough funk and shuffle to keep from floating off into the clouds.

With slow builds, loose drums and a cavernous sense of space, Bryan presents a cohesive balance of soothing sonic auroras and colorful sunrise skies.

1. What Happened to You?
2. I've Been Having Strange Dreams
3. Very Well Then...
4. Lisa
5. Esplanade (feat. MNDSGN)
6. The Spirit Sings
7. These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty
8. You're On Your Own Again
9. I Don't Mind the Word Moist
10. Senordrones
11. I Am the Earth (Intro to an Outro)
12. Outro (You Can't Always Get What You Want)

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