Non Ultra Joy
Disclaimer - EP

Label: Noise City Sound Recordings
Release Date: Apr-10-2012

Non Ultra Joy's Disclaimer has elements that define what an alternative grunge EP should be: Heavy guitar, gritty vocals, with a touch of pop to keep lightness present, makes it the ideal album to bring along the next time you want to escape your surroundings. The group manages to keep their lyrical content concise, while tapping into universal emotions and situations. The track "Need You" is a refreshing take on the 90s grunge scene: an opening guitar riff that reaches out and grabs you partnered with a melancholy melody that makes you want to kick some ass. Take this EP the next time you're out on the road looking for something; chances are you'll find it.

1. Can't Get Away
2. Need You
3. Listen and Forget
4. Ways

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