Montgomery Clunk
Mondegreen - EP

Label: Error Broadcast
Release Date: Apr-16-2012

Montgomery Clunk is Silviu Badea, from Bucharest, Romania. For his vinyl debut, we picked the freshest and most adventurous tracks Clunk has released to date. His EP Mondegreen is the essence of two years' research in bass music. Clunk delivers a minimal version of maximalism, combining crackpot neon melodies with complex and well defined beat patterns. Mondegreen is unmistakable Montgomery Clunk, with its expertly entwined textures and solitary beats achieving surreal character not only once. In his hands, hip hop becomes a glistening future thing again.

1. Problem in the Machine
2. Green Tower
3. Enter the Wardrobe
4. Faerie Fire
5. Muvies

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