It Will Become

Label: Poobah Records
Release Date: Mar-20-2012

It Will Become by Eyas (multi-instrumentalist Andres Renteria) is the perfect soundtrack to accompany a road trip along coasts, countrysides and deserts. Composed of layers of organic instrumentation and changing time signatures, Eyas conveys a wide range of emotions and showcases his mastery of fusing together world music influences. The musical landscape of "Smoke From the Ivory" is sewn together by electric guitars weaving in and out, exuding feelings of melancholy and heavy-heartedness. "Unfold in Dreams" features blanket upon blanket of ringing piano and guitar intertwined with airy vocals. Eyas is accompanied on It Will Become by Rebekah Raff on harp, Brian Martinez on bass, and Mia Doi Todd and Gaby Hernandez on vocals.

1. Cinema
2. Los Osos
3. First Light
4. It Will Become
5. Let Her Go
6. No Need to Think
7. Instantaneous
8. Summer #1
9. Smoke from the Ivory [MP3]
10. Unfold in Dreams
11. Underwater

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