Label: Magical Properties
Release Date: Mar-13-2012

The evolution of Commitments most relates to the transformation of colors from pink to blue. Galapagoose begins the album playfully with "Don't Break The Spell". A bouncy bottom end nudges the song along while vocals emanate from every angle of the melody. Instances of flamenco guitar riffs convey a summer vibe that echoes through the album, developing eternities of emotive rhythms and harmonies within minutes of chopped and swirled beats.

As the album matures, synthesizers and angelic voices guide the listener into a cotton candy haze of scenarios building up, breaking down, and spinning out. The nostalgia of being a child on a merry-go-round becomes prominent in the songs "Attachments" and "Hard Swallow". Wispy textures and rolling percussions blend the moaning vocals in a nervous way in "Snuffclutch", again reminding listeners that Galapagoose's sound has a contemplative nature as well as playful. During the final two songs of album, the instruments take on lives of their own, gesturing into a more free-form shapes.

1. Don't Break the Spell
2. Planting the Seed
3. A Time for Us
4. Winkler
5. Unintended Consequences
6. One Who Can't Move
7. She
8. Attraction & Influence
9. Rhizome
10. Attachments
11. Hard Swallow
12. Snuffclutch
13. Dark Rooms, Illuminate
14. Weight
15. Multipliticies

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