Label: Leaving Records
Release Date: Feb-21-2012

EMV meets white noise with a warm hand on the texture of things previously inanimate. Static, soul, the superficial. Dilla, La Monte Young, Jodorowski.

Eric Michael Vallely's debut full-length Resolutions promotes a continuation of what we believe to be the rising new sort of Fluxus movement for Los Angeles music.

1. Blue Pop
2. The Take Off
3. The Run Off
4. Virgil Villa
5. Look Sharp
6. Foodborne
7. June Bug
8. Coarse
9. Blue Pop (Popped)
10. Repeater
11. Soft Bargain
12. Old Hat New Clothes
13. On Holiday
14. Porch Step
15. Gamma Lite
16. Porch Step (Dem Hunger Yellow Bubble Remix)

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