Turn On The Sunlight (Carlos Nino & Jesse Peterson)
Remixes / Collaborations

Label: Disques Corde
Release Date: Feb-14-2012

From Carlos:

Jesse Peterson and I chose to work with the collaborators and remixers featured on our new Turn On The Sunlight EP, because we're fans of their music!

Jesse is a close musical co-explorer of Koen Holtkamp (Mountains/Thrill Jockey.) While in New York finishing our debut self-titled full-length, Holtkamp came by the studio and played on "Wednesday Tone Poem." We new we wanted to release the results, but weren't sure at the time, on what project. Here, it fits perfectly! "Profusion Electric" came about while I was listening to Build An Ark improves from our sessions for the LOVE Parts 1 & 2 releases, and wanted to see what would happen if we took this particular piece in an experimental psychedelic direction, so Jesse added guitars and organ. I had a lot of fun mixing and effecting this funky freak-out!

I originally asked my dear friend Miguel Atwood-Ferguson to do a remix of one of the songs from the Turn On The Sunlight LP. He listened and chose Big Sur Foghorn, however, instead of doing a remix, he composed a gorgeous chamber journey inspired by the song. He played all of the instruments and co-mixed Ghost Fires From Heaven's "Far Verges Faint Illume," with engineer Benjamin Tierney.

Daedelus and I have done a lot together over the years, and he's the most frequent remixer of my various projects. We're so stoked that "Firefly Night" was blessed with his magic! Being that our label Disques Corde is based in Japan, and that we'd just had a really beautiful tour there, we wanted to include a Japanese artist on the record. My first choice was Nobukazu Takemura. I've been buying his records since the mid-90s. We were delighted that he was into what we were doing! Sent him the parts and the result is an epic electro-acoustic Child's View white noise wash out of "Always Enough / Oh, Magnificent Nature." Finally, Coffee & Cigarettes Band were chosen by Disques Corde who they work with closely. We had a lot of fun with those cats while last in Japan, so it was great to have them on board! Thanks for listening!

Hope you ENJOY!

- Carlos Nino

1. Firefly Night (Daedelus Remix)
2. Always Enough / Oh Magnificent Nature (Child's View Remix)
3. Ghostfires from Heaven's Far Verges Faint Illume by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (Inspired by Turn On The Sunlight's "Big Sur Foghorn)
4. Wednesday Tone Poem (Featuring Koen Holtkamp)
5. Profusion Electric Mix 1 (Featuring an Improvisation by Build An Ark)
6. Profusion Electric Mix 2 (Featuring an Improvisation by Build An Ark)
7. I Love You (Coffee & Cigarettes Band Remix)
8. Turn On The Sunlight (Alternate)

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