Vacation - Single

Label: Friends of Friends
Release Date: Feb-07-2012

On the heels of his critically acclaimed debut full-length Bad Vibes, Shlohmo (Henry Laufer) embarks deeper into darker realms on his latest venture with Friends of Friends Music, the "Vacation" EP.

Self-described as "night time backyard noises", "Vacation" builds on the aesthetic Shlohmo established with mixes for FACT and FADER, in which broken cassette tapes and warped found sounds melded into melodic beats packed with veiled emotion and latent mysteriousness.

The enigmatic "wen uuu" simultaneously pulls at the heartstrings with a quavering vocal sample while churning forward in a passionate, indisputable groove.

1. The Way U Do
2. Wen Uuu
3. Rained the Whole Time

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