Mixed Drinks (Volume 1)

Label: Dead Guy Records
Release Date: Nov-15-2011

1. Suicide Girls Make Good Intros But Bad Girlfriends!
2. California Boomin / Hollywood Dopers
3. Skitzo Crunk Punk Slump
4. How The West Was Won
5. How Bout Some Death, Existrametal / Thank Yous
6. Whyknows
7. I Love Who?
8. Life Is Out There, Existramental / Don't Panic
9. Another Thunder / Pistol Grip Flip?
10. Golden Cages, Existramental
11. Let's Kill Jeff (Hate Tantrum) / Into Another, Another Time
12. Its O.K. Mom, I Understand... I Miss You
13. Breakdown at the Break A Dawn

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