Lo Fi Hi Def Deluxe

Label: Dead Guy Records
Release Date: Nov-15-2011

Previously a tour-style CDR in 2009 only and now officially pressed by 2-99 in conjunction with LA2theBay and Machina Muerte, Lo Fi Hi Def Deluxe features remixes and unreleased songs from the Existereo archives!

1. It Was All A Dream
2. Fine Tune
3. These are Those Days
4. X Marks the Spot (feat. Jud Nestor)
5. Bulletproof Lover
6. Secular Jesus
7. Pose for the Camera
8. Self Inflicted
9. Double Rhythm (feat. Gelroc)
10. Mommy's Little Trooper
11. Self Inflicted (Space Remix)
12. Mommy's Lil Trooper (Space Remix)
13. Fine Tune (Space Remix)
14. Double Rhythm (Space Remix feat. Gelroc & Volume 10)

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