Beach Demon
Slow Motion Death

Label: Kid Without Radio
Release Date: Oct-25-2011

Beach Demon's Slow Motion Death is filled with offbeat rhythms, swelling synthesizer pads and unpredictable vocal samples. The use of reverb saturates the haunting synth melodies throughout the album, while vocals swim in and out of broken beats and breathe into the rhythm. The track "Night Terrors" has harmonies reminiscent of old Nintendo video games. Free jazz rhythms and sudden switches throughout the album make for an unpredictable and enjoyable ride.

1. Out of My Head
2. You and Me
3. Night Terrors
4. Uptown
5. Lovers
6. Slow Motion Death
7. Single Girls DonŐt Play the Drums
8. Late Night at Dolores
9. Pleasure Shore Resort
10. Here Again
11. Acid Drop

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