Ras G & The Alkebulan Space Program
Space Base Is The Place

Label: Poobah Records
Release Date: Oct-04-2011

Ras G's Space Base Is The Place is a dream explosion from an experimental universe. It is an album from Poobah Records encapsulating both the unconscious and alive. Drum styles vary from sampled beat melodies to rushing outside rhythms, painting a portrait of a free soul exercising the right to live. The record employs an eclectic use of instrumentation, including 8 Bit synthesizer patterns, arpeggiators, vocal samples and field recordings. Space is relevant in this experimental record; there are moments when you transport yourself with the artist to a creative galaxy, inventing melodies familiar to the eccentric mind. This album will lift you from earth. Hang on.

1. Requiem 4 Mr. Yancey
2. Stick Em Up
3. HollyHood/Where Dem Trees
4. One 4 Steve EL
5. Ancestrial Echoes
6. Ascension From Nigga 2 Negus
7. Silly Earthlings
8. (Innerlude)
9. If U FEEL (No Ego)
10. Star Messengers
11. Disco 4000
12. Mush Mouth (I can't feel my face)
13. Love Something.....
14. Psilocybin

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