Inflatable Mattress
Pumped Up / Blue Mattress

Label: Wigflip
Release Date: Sep-20-2011

Pumped Up/ Blue Mattress by Inflatable Mattress feels like an exploration of textures that came about during the most meditative of beat-making sessions. Samples of varying genres are interwoven to create a tapestry of rhythms and pulses. It most definitely works in layers; condensed and processed swirls of sound that come in and out of focus like old memories that are difficult to distinguish from remembered dreams.

At 35 tracks and just under an hour in length, this album has plenty to dive into and will still have a sense of newness even after repeated listens. With song titles like "Let Me Fix My Weave", "Natalie Imbruglia" and "Instant Soup (Could Be You)" it's clear this isn't a record that takes itself too seriously. It's best to accept you'll be taken on a ride and let it wash over you.

1. Let's Just / I Don't Even
2. Off
3. Anyway
4. Inflatable Mattress
5. Look What You Made Me Do
6. Let Me Fix My Weave
7. In Bed
8. Ceramic Antelope
9. Alaska (I'll Ask Her)
10. Funkhouser
11. Forget You
12. Natalie Imbruglia
13. After Hours
14. Party City
15. Wine Mouth
16. In a Funk
17. Heavy Syrup
18. Champagne Wishes
19. Instant Soup (Could Be You)
20. In a Very Nasty Way
21. How To Really Talk to a Woman
22. Even Realer
23. Silent Heads
24. Rhymes With You
25. Give Me a Break
26. Ascension
27. With You
28. Bedroom Boombap
29. Just When You Think
30. In The Rain
31. Wait
32. Blue Mattress
33. Sister Sister
34. Mattress' Lament
35. Just When You Think Part II

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