Julia Holter

Label: Leaving Records
Release Date: Aug-30-2011

Leaving Records presents Tragedy by Los Angeles native Julia Holter, a theatrical release that merges experimental beats, classic instrumentation and Holter's despondent vocals into a hopelessly moving sonic expression.

Based loosely on the epic Greek story Hippolytus by Euripedes, Tragedy uses discordant harmonies and disturbing compositions to create a moody and mysterious setting for the story to unfold. Synths echo soulward like the tendrilled memories of an odd dream, leaving behind an effortless wake of emotion and a haunting glimpse of humanity.

1. Introduction
2. Try to Make Yourself a Work of Art
3. The Falling Age
4. Goddess Eyes
5. Interlude
6. Celebration
7. So Lillies
8. Tragedy Finale

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