Zoo Keeper

Label: Error Broadcast
Release Date: Jul-18-2011

Zoo Keeper is the brand-new 12" vinyl EP by Russian beat maker DZA. You can find the versatile producer leaving the trail of stumbling beats and scattered loops with these six tunes. DZA embraces Rave and Acid, mixes saccharine 8bit melodies with bass tempest and manages to make this mixture sound cool as anything. Tracks like "Zoo Keeper," "Limbo" and 'Vanillaface" (featuring our own Montgomery Clunk) are hymns, instantly able to energize dance floors all over the world.

DZA teams up with US bass music high-flyer Salva (Friends of Friends Music) who delivers a lush and airy remix of "Zoo Keeper" while Italian Digi G'alessio revitalizes good ole wobble on his version of the percussive "Sea Monstr" riddim.

1. Zoo Keeper
2. Vanillaface (feat. Montgomery Clunk)
3. Dance With Me
4. Super Fly
5. Limbo
6. Sea Monstr
7. Zoo Keeper (Salva Remix)
8. Sea Monstr (Digi G'alessio Remix)

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