Label: Machina Muerte
Release Date: Jun-07-2011

Known by some as half of the female DJ duo Staccato, New York City "borough bred" turned Angeleno, LOUISAHHH!!!, has been making her mark since 2004. From behind the decks and in the studio, her unique "techorganic haunted house" has been opening minds and moving audiences around the world. As a producer, her melodic style toes the turn of the musical century, looking towards the future while planted firmly in tradition.

LOUISAHHH!!!'s EP Palmaditas de Muerte radiates these harmonic counterparts and exudes rhythmic emotion. The title track immediately takes the listener through a spiraling whirlwind of foreboding with a methodical layering of classical and electronic sounds. Classical Spanish guitar and vocals combine with handclap percussion to a climax of tribal trance. The Steve Starks remix takes the track and focuses on the suspenseful percussion, creating a sound that is almost nightmarishly tribal in a twilight environment. And from the sounds of night, the listener is taken to dawn, with the track "Iron Sharpens Iron", the instrumental ambience, and distinct drum beats. In the final track of the EP, LOUISAHHH!!! warps synth garage rock and infuses it with emotion and suspense, systematically creating an ascension to an instrumental whirlwind.

LOUISAHHH!!!'s Palamaditas de Muerte EP gives us a glimpse of what is to come from her dynamic energy and emotionally infused sounds.

1. Palmaditas De Oro
2. Palmaditas De Oro (Steve Starks Remix)
3. Iron Sharpends Iron (Instrumental)
4. The Pleasurefield (LOUISAHHH!!! remix)

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