Zackey Force Funk
Criminal Wave - EP

Label: Machina Muerte
Release Date: May-10-2011

When Zackey Force Funk isn't robbing banks with baseball bats he's rocking late night discotheques with soul songs for the Armageddon. Criminal Wave EP is the debut Machina Muerte release for the Tucson instigator, who combines grimy electro funk with his unique vocal stylings to create a surreal world of sonic stank.

With freak-filtered lyrics and unexpectedly smooth jams, Criminal Wave EP takes a quick and dirty route to bring the funk all the way to the front. Tracks by Kutmah, Defaced Property and Piotrus Pan add to Zackey Force Funk's arsenal, and the result is a refreshing release with a brazen attitude and knee-deep grooves.

1. Barry @85 (Produced by Kutmah)
2. Blooms
3. Pistolgrip (Produced by Defaced Property)
4. Fukk (Produced by Kutmah)
5. Tucson Push
6. Computer Hu$tle (Produced by Kutmah)
7. Sneaker Style
8. Toss the Gun
9. Drink on the Floor (Produced by Piotrus Pan)

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