Ryan York
Zipperlegs - EP

Label: Leaving Records
Release Date: Apr-12-2011

Zipperlegs is Ryan York's third release following his eponymous debut album on the Non Projects label under the "Asura" moniker. Where "Asura" found York investigating the boundary line between the City of Angels' beat jungle and the artist's own ties to modern classical and jazz, Zipperlegs represents a shift toward a deeper form of beat-one that extends past the confines of hip-hop and electronic production into a more universal world of human sound. The eight pieces presented reflect York's formal training in Ethnomusicology and Anthropology (both constituting parts of his studies at UCLA), reaching for a synthesis of York's experiences with various representations of earth-bound creativity.

York consciously references various artists and traditions that constitute a unified wilderness of mind and rhythm. These include Haitian rara, West African polyrhythmic musics, e e cummings' linguistic flips, Bulgarian and Georgian choral traditions, Tibetan chants, Kwakwaka'wakw dance, the poems of Rumi, and, of course, the spectre of contemporary electronic production. The title Zipperlegs is made up word representing the state of trance and uncontrollable movement (physical or of the mind) that each of these creative traditions can elicit. Taken a step further Zipperlegs becomes a means of creating community and healing through shared moments of ecstasy, the very that stuff that makes modern events like L.A.'s Low End Theory so salient.

Influenced by its parallel conception with the Haitian earthquake of early 2010, Zipperlegs explores death, inequality, and the oddness of embodiment in a human form in equal sharing with a yearning for release and pacification. It is through the investigation of repetition and drones that the work finds such release, the lyrics providing a problem which the musical content presents a solution.

* Ryan York appears courtesy of Non Projects

1. Zipperlegs
2. Please
3. All Our Favorite Colors
4. Land Ecstasy
5. High Life
6. The Other Side of Backwater
7. On Soil On Blood

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