Mike Gao
Sun Shadows

Label: Machina Muerte
Release Date: Apr-12-2011

With multiple beat battle wins and a successful iPhone music app under his belt, Sun Shadows is Mike Gao's first solo release following his contribution to All City's LA 10" series. The heart of the album deals with the shadows of failed love, leading to a drive to change the production game itself through technological innovation, ultimately manifesting into a brighter, sunnier future. The aesthetics have been carefully selected to deliver his message, an album far from a soulless scientific demonstration: Sun Shadows is a direct pipeline into Mike Gao's heart, bridged by self made technology to effortlessly improvise chords straight from the soul and write drums by beatboxing into an iPhone.

Although predominantly instrumental, this intricate album features fellow Machina Muerte members such as Mestizo, Zackey Force Funk, Isaiah Toothtaker and Nathan No Face of Crime Killz. Through analog synths, digital processes and samples, Sun Shadows soulfully explores life and death, misfortunes into fortunes, youthful innocence and love, heart break and triumph. From playing one of the earliest Low End Theory nights with Mestizo, Mike Gao has emerged with a style influenced by the beats of California and the sounds of computer music pioneers that he studies under, such as his PhD. advisor Miller Puckette (Max/MSP).

1. 10th Letter
3. Don't Fake the Funk (feat. Zackey Force Funk)
4. Straight Edge Girls (eLan sub mix)
5. The Ineffable
6. Worthy Unworthy
8. End Sequence (Glimpse)
9. Murasaki Kumo

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