Co. fee
Easy Listening

Label: My Hollow Drum
Release Date: Apr-12-2011

Los Angeles art and sound crew My Hollow Drum is proud to announce the first release from the newly minted My Hollow Drum label, Easy Listening from genre-bending producer Co. fee.

Six months in the making, Easy Listening is a staggering collection of heavy synths flawlessly layered over samples taken from Co. fee's deep crates of Afro-beat, Brazilian, Bollywood and Italian soundtracks. Impossible to pin down, Easy Listening swings from the powerful intro track "Destroy & Rebuild" and the demented carnival dubstep of "Kali" to the mesmerizing pull of "Asante" and the super-dented jam "Gypsy Skirt."

A release with vibrant personality and vivid image-evoking sounds, Easy Listening combines exotic flavors with homegrown bass for a formidable first dose of Co. fee.

1. Destroy & Rebuild
2. Spark Plug
3. Kali
4. Gypsy Skirt
5. Katana
6. Zombie Parade
7. Asante

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