Label: Error Broadcast
Release Date: Mar-21-2011

Europe's Error Broadcast is excited to host the debut release of avant-garde producer iL, who hails from the vast plains of Illinois. apoLLo1ne3hree consists of 17 tracks at less than 20 minutes and is a mutant combination of dub, hip hop, ambient and soul.

iL sketches atmospheres and ambiences rather than beats. His music is adventurous and the opposite of a comfort listen. Random like shooting stars, his beats fly into the black, not following any common metric patterns. Synthesizer textures interfere with twisted vocal samples, once sick; once bittersweet and heart-rending.

1. Private Service Announcement
2. To
3. Her
4. For
5. Things
6. She Keeps To Herself
7. Like Me
8. Love Me (smiLEAHs)
9. She Does
10. And I Love Her
11. We
12. Love
13. Each Other
14. Conductors
15. Lives Here (Loves Here) when Shes Sleeping
16. Los Braingeles
17. Nursery

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