Two Fresh
Air Mail

Label: Elm&Oak
Release Date: Mar-08-2011

Two Fresh aka identical twin brothers Sherwyn and Kendrick Nichols combine creatively chopped samples, thickly lubricated beats and thumping drums into an album that is fun, dark and rowdy.

Air Mail delivers a diverse taste of Two Fresh's funky beat collaboration, fusing sparkling grooves and heated synth work to twisted tribal thunk. With crisp corners and raw style, Air Mail is a solid romp through fresh sonic territory.

1. Viscosities
2. Hustle
3. Collar Up / Call Her Up
4. Unknowns
5. Next Day Air
6. That Very Thought
7. Pan Fry
8. Also Available
9. Nuckin Futs
10. Legal Tender 2
11. DewOO
12. MIN / MAX
13. OED

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