Thought Has Wings

Label: Leaving Records
Release Date: Feb-28-2011

Leaving Records presents its latest collection of left field gems, Thought Has Wings, from one of our foreign conspirators, Belgium's Ssaliva. A strange stew of mercurial compositions, Thought Has Wings is at times meditative and at others intoxicating, creating a warm but varied synaptic experience. Building warped beats from melted nuggets of sugar coated funk, Ssaliva's music, though originating far from Leaving Records' LA home, sits comfortably in its ever expanding catalog of rhythmic manifestos.

1. Best Lose The Dream
2. Teenage Brain
3. Where I Winter
4. Laker
5. Crayloa
6. West End
7. Moth To The Flame
8. Thought Has Wings
9. Moonblood

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