Cadalack Ron & InnaSpace

Label: Machina Muerte
Release Date: Mar-01-2011

Cadalack Ron & InnaSpace team up to grind it down in this leaned-back hip hop collection from Machina Muerte. Heavy and dialed-in, this album is rich in rhymes and delivers a satisfying thump. Featuring guest appearances by Luckyiam, Existereo, Mestizo, Hazard and RapeWolf.

1. Biodegradable
2. What
3. Talk Therapy
4. Stash
5. Epilogue (feat. Luckyiam, Existereo)
6. Closed Doors (feat. Mestizo)
7. Please Help Me
8. Gucc
9. Jailbait
10. Meds (feat. Existereo)
11. Worldwide (Mestizo Remix)
12. Death and Danger (feat. Rapewolf, Hazard)

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