Lush One
Gold Bricks in the Wall

Label: Machina Muerte
Release Date: Feb-08-2011

Machina Muerte is back with energetic beats, slicing rhymes and classic West Coast warmth with Lush One's Gold Bricks in the Wall, featuring, Soul Khan, Plex Rock, Cadalack Ron, Pistol McFly, Makeshift, Jasmine Golan, Kap Kallous. Production by Afinity, J57, The Briefcase, Elaquent, Da Ace, Cache Beats & Optiks.

1. Gold Bricks In The Wall Pt. 1
2. Common Native Greeting
3. Nearer (feat. Pistol McFly & Jasmine Golan)
4. Itsoeasy
5. Ever West 310
6. Ghettoblaster
7. Lesson Number 32
8. The Edge (feat. Pistol McFly, Makeshift, Ezus)
9. Gracias
10. Stella Artois (feat., Plex Rock & Cadalack Ron)
11. Roach Bowl Anthem
12. The Other Side Of The Wall (feat. Kap Kallous & Soul Khan)
13. Gold Bricks In The Wall Pt. 2

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