Various Artists
Proximity One: Narrative Remixes

Label: Proximal Records
Release Date: Feb-22-2011

Proximity One: Narrative Remixes puts the creativity of the Proximal Records crew on full display. Sahy Uhns, Lawrence Grey, Benedek, Bear Claw and Wake pay homage to Daedelus, DaM-FunK and the other Los Angeles heavy hitters we heard on their first release, Proximity One: Narrative of a City, by reinventing the tracks with striking originality. The result is a collection of remixes that express the individual identities of these five young artists as they continue to expand the sound and spirit of Los Angeles.

1. Cigarette Lust (90% Wake Mix)
2. Wind Loop (BearClaw's Cicada Remix)
3. A Day At the Carnival (Benedek's Freak Show Mix)
4. Strange Utopia (Lawrence Grey's Rat Hole Remix)
5. Off Angles Edges (Sahy Uhns' Tension Remeditation)

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