Isaiah Toothtaker
Illuminati Thug Mafia

Label: Machina Muerte
Release Date: Jan-25-2011

Today, Tucson's notorious jefe Isaiah Toothtaker unleashes his long awaited album Illuminati Thug Mafia through a partnership between his own Machina Muerte label and Alpha Pup Records. Convicted multiple felon and founder of the prestigious tattoo parlor STARING WITHOUT CARING, Isaiah's 18-track album features MURS, Mestizo, HUMANSUIT, Zackey Force Funk, Lucky.I.Am, CRIME KILLZ, Lush One, Cadalack Ron, Rheteric, Alex Pathetic, and SerpDot and production from Mainframe (Johnson&Johnson), Jacob Safari (Wavves), CRIME KILLZ, Eligh (Living Legends), Kid Static, LouisahHH, Masque Anonymous, The Briefcase, and Nick Sena. Re-living interminable nightmares, lurid street tales, torture tactics, and haunting threats through rhyme and reason, Isaiah takes listeners on a vivid ride through his warped mind to bring to life one of the most colorful, creative, and hard-hitting albums of 2011. Welcome to the bass-heavy house of horrors.

1. Jordan Maxwell
2. Baby
3. Get Housed Home (feat. MURS)
4. Self Control (feat Mestizo)
5. All Rise (feat. Zackey Force Funk, Rape Wolf)
6. The Master
7. Unheard Unseen (feat. Cadalack Ron, Lucky.i.Am, Lush One)
8. Intruder
9. How Bout the Destroyer
10. Animal Planet (feat. Rheteric Ramirez)
11. WTF You Say (feat. MURS)
12. Faith No More
13. Place Spells
14. Tantamount
15. Iron Sharpens Iron (feat. SerpDot)
16. I've Been Hearing
17. Future Enemies

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